“Love is the ONLY answer to Life on our planet”



                      “Love is the ONLY answer to Life  on our planet


 Welcome to our early Spring  newsletter. All  is shifting and changing on our little planet  Big time at the moment and everything ‘within’ us too is still being brought up to be cleansed.   ITS TIME !


This the Armageddon the end of life as we knew it -the old ways of living but not  the end of life itself. The chaos happening now  has intensified but it is leading  to great changes very shortly in our NOW time ..


We could even  see some major changes in the early  Spring  – September /October  .


All this  is happening as we so often have said  because we are being bombarded  by  the Photon Light/Gamma radiation  carrying  the highest God Energy imaginable – the Adamantine Particles, the Love Light, the Violet Flame all rolled up into one, to neutralizer all the darkness and  help make all things NEW on our planet. 


So despite the setbacks that many of us may be experiencing  and our families, friends, community and a world on the brink  perhaps in ‘health’, emotional and even mental  issues  that ALL is still in Divine order – out of chaos comes change, BIG changes!.


So please hang in there won’t you don’t give up as we expect these energy shifts we are experiencing are for sometime still to come till all the darkness is removed .


A vision into our future to give you Hope ..some while ago Holy Spirit showed me a very pristine clean Sydney where I live  totally fresh and new … you could see and feel the wholeness of Life , the purity of the atmosphere  … You see our jobs are to bring Heaven to Earth ..


And you know Heaven is here NOW every time we feel that total Joy of Life, the  Peace like sometimes in meditation,  like  our young children feel  every day …What did Jeshua  say “we must become like little children.”


Remember we answered the Call to be here in these massively changing times. Know within each of us is the Courage, Tenacity, and the Faith to help bring God’s plan for our Earth and all Life on her to a stunningly wonderful stage of completion. 


Meditation and Prayer …How often do we say we MUST take time out in quiet solitude daily – it is an essential aspect of our  individual life paths. Our Inner Peace, Inner Knowing and Strength affects ALL Life NOT ONLY OUR OWN so we must stay centered


If you are having difficulty ask Jeshua , Michael, Mary , Buddha or any other of the great Angels and Masters whoever you feel a connection  to for help to access your own Sacred Heart, your own God I AM Presence 


They are with us in every moment now just waiting for your call. Ask for help to release all your doubts, fears, and anxieties, ask about your role in life and how it can impact all you come in contact  with .


All our doubts and fears  are a distraction, a diversionary tactic of your personality, your egos which have become so accustomed to struggling for safety and survival in this illusory environment in which it seems we sometimes feel trapped, and imprisoned. 


You know the best things we can all do apart from our first job of being the Light is doing the simple things in Life but doing them  well – Be our ‘brother’s keeper’, make peace with all family members no matter what,

Do some community work, do whatever we do with LOVE in our Heart, even the mundane chores. DO NOT judge where anyone else is on the Path or otherwise (including the dark ones) allow each their own space.


“Love one another, as I have Loved you” did not Jeshua say .Your Light and your Love will eventually make everything new around you and that is happening NOW  more then you know .


If you read or watch the doom and gloom news around the world it can be very tempting for us all to say “What’s the point, I am an ineffectual and basically powerless individual in a vast and extremely threatening world?” 


The illusion does have a very convincing sense of reality about it. It can appear that we are powerless within it, and the stories we hear about the disenfranchised, the tortured, and the abused tend to confirm that horrific impression.


And the doomsayers are saying much the same thing  but adding this is it the END .Stop reading the newspapers and main stream news unless your Intention is keep up to date to send Light, Love and the magical Violet Flame where needed.


ALL THIS WORLD  IS AN ILLUSION! We came here to Master Life and then help others do likewise. When we go within, to our personal individual sanctuary we can connect with our God Self, our divine I AM.


We know that God loves us ALL dearly- ‘we are LOVE manifest Jeshua saysa Ray of Light from the Father of ALL”. He wants us to stop playing at torturing one another (personal as well as world situations) and awaken from the nightmare in which we have been ensconced for so long.


LOVE is the KEY and the only KEY to release from this nightmare for Humanity and it only found in and through our Sacred Heart.Just one person practicing that can make and is making an incredible difference. Multiply that!


We need great leaders -Ask for the Mahatma Ghandi’s to come forward in every nation -.wars never ever have solved anything! Within the illusion, where pain and suffering as a result of attacks by others are endemic, that seems like nonsense but as we often have said we are going to have our work cut out as Way showers to show this world there is a better Way and it is through LOVE.

We know most of you practice something everyday but  some extra suggestions for your Wellbeing in these times  …We MUST find time for OURSELF everyday .


Find too something that makes us smile, laugh, find things that make us Joyous.. good music, a good book (we have beautiful books in our range) And DO spend sometime in Nature and exercise ‘Lightly’. 

Our Circle of Life support….

Our Sacred oils are special and are a Gift for these times to get us back into the mode of Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Joy, Abundance, Innocence, Peace….All qualities we need  at this time ….Meditate using the OM or Holy Ground essences.


To help remove Fear anoint the soles of your feet with Mary Magdalene’s sacred oil .Feel the Divine Mother’s Blessing in Mother Mary’s Blessing oil. ….Heal a wounded Heart (your own as well) with Jeshua’s own Christ Scent.


Miracle II and Ocean Ormus


We remind you a Miracle II bath can help to Heal you in many ways -detoxing emotionally, mentally as well as physically through the Gift of the Violet Flame .And a Miracle II bath is a great place to find inner peace,do some meditation in it..And do add one of our Sacred Oils.


Complementing our Miracle II is Ocean Ormus. 2-3mls taken daily does wonders fo your Wellbeing  and your Soul . It truly is a wonderful Gift too.


 Learn our Sacred Heart Reiki..it truly opens up the windows of the Soul. Practise good breathing techniques, breathing in the Adamantine Particles. The Adamantine Particles are truly one of God’s greatest Gifts for these times . 


Please ring or call in to enquire about any/all of our incredible products Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area. If you have not understood what we have please feel free to  call or email and we will endeavour to help you out.



                                             We are here to Serve .. Till next time, please pass on as you see fit..


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                      Know  “In the Circle of Life we are ALL One”