Big Spring inner cleansing


                                         ” A big Spring inner cleansing


Wow what a time to be on planet Earth   In this Spring news   I thought we would remind you of some of the simple things we need to be doing better .We ask you read and digest and only take onboard what you feel is your Truth and act on that .


I  certainly do not know all the answers for these times. There is certainly lots of ‘stuff’ circulating on the Internet that says others do but I wonder about a lot of it .This a time of real Introspection for humanity as we prepare our Inner self for the exciting times ahead no matter what the world looks like now on the surface

Everyone on this planet is now going through the ‘shift of the ages.’ Everyone on this planet is feeling it and that includes the children although most of them do not feel the intensity as much. Everyone knows that something is going on and it not just the world going crazy with wars and things but it is within each person’s own psyche..



                The Sacred Heart is opening



Most adults would be finding that intense fatigue and tiredness has increased as these are two of the predominant symptoms of this last major shift. As a matter of fact feeling exhausted most of the time is becoming normal and we may just want to sleep but that’s not happening as our sleeping patterns are very disjointed waking several times throughout the night or just cannot sleep .

So, what is happening, and why do we feel this way – With the bombardment of intense Gamma radiation coming through the Photon belt aimed at all life on our planet it will help transform us from a  carbon based to a Silicone or Crystallized (=Christ Realized) human being which will eventually  make everything new as we know it . Note :This the highest level of Gamma radiation ever bombarding our planet


Archangel Michael explains that there are three different processes happening to ‘raise us up higher’, that is causing this fatigue. These are:…

Final Emotional Body Cleansing.
Final De-toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies
Preparing us for ‘Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness’

Emotional Body Cleansing

Many of us have done intense emotional body cleansing but there is still more I find to do. This involves clearing the ‘ancient’ psyche and the subconscious of all old patterns of trauma and self-sabotage. The intensity of this process will depend on how much cleansing we have already done in our preparation for this incredible awakening /ascension process happening NOW..


 I have through my own healing practice and in more recent years through writings have helped people to prepare, but never really found the time to fully complete my own process, so when I hit the transition I have experienced more ‘ancient’ emotional body processing . The ‘stuff’ can just pour out of my subconscious, and I have had the weirdest dreams and other things as I release .


I use the magic of the Violet Flame as much as I can on myself. I ask Archangel Michael to help clear any/all distorted entities/energies in and around me then put His blue cloak of Protection around us and my family then surround myself in a Golden tube of Light Then I do several affirmations throughout the day to lift my Spirit but centre myself. 

This kind of trauma release I have found can be exhausting! Some people don’t fully realize what is happening I know, as they do most of their releasing through dream work at night. Some I know are suffering anxiety attacks causing them to process during the day in their everyday lives.


Help all those who you think are open enough to understand what is going on and give some guidance to help them to take action in their lives!.


Remember this is now a big cleansing before we can enter into 5th dimensional consciousness and reality…. .we simply cannot take any baggage with us into these new times .
Spend as much time in nature as you can daily even, meditate and pray often  in short bursts throughout the day. BREATHE !!!. Relax as much as you can and do NOTHING if it gets too heavy some days .


If you feel you need to find a good therapist, do a workshop, or find a good book (one of our  Jeshua – Love Without End books or CDS or Archangel Michael’s books are perfect)  These can help you let go of the patterns of your wounded child then do so !

And then understand that while we are doing any major cleansing we may still be exhausted. We have spent most of our lives repressing these energies. Processing them is hard work. But worth it! When we are finished we will have cleared our psyche of subconscious patterns of  self- sabotage, and will be able to function from a space of complete clarity and purity of intention.

De-Toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies

This process of deep cleansing is associated with the processes mentioned above. As the emotions are released, so are all the old mental and physical blocks and patterns that are associated with them.

These old “toxic” energies are passed through the subtle bodies and cleared through the physical. In addition, any old toxins that the physical body is holding will be cleared at this time.

This process of cleansing and de-toxification puts considerable strain on the organs of elimination, being the kidneys and the liver. Hence many of you may experience having bags under your eyes, evidence of kidney stress, and digestive disturbances such as heartburn and flatulence, evidence of liver stress.


In addition you may experience pains in the joints, which is also a characteristic of detoxification, as excess acids are released from their storage in the body.

In addition, these processes of elimination will also make you feel tired, and you may be prone to headaches – all symptoms of detoxification. That is why you will need to drink lots of clear, clean water and if you are not hungry try to eat less and even when you do eat a healthy diet as far as is possible.


Miracle II , Ocean Ormus and our Sacred Oils can help you no end to help you detoxify and actually assist you to reenergize yourself !!!.
A Miracle II bath can do wonders with its magical Violet Flame attributes, drinking the Neutralizer Liquid helps the detoxifying process as does the Ocean Ormus and the Sacred oils can help rekindle the process of Qualiites of Life we espouse to – Love, Compassion, Joy , Forgiveness, Releasing Fear (Magdalene’s Blessing ) Innocence, Healing a wounded Heart (Christ’s Essence), etc..   


Do think about using these wonderful Inspiring oils. And remember all our Circle of Life products contain the Adamantine Particles 


Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

This is the most exciting part, and happens throughout the process as this is where we are all heading . It is responsible for the “spaciness” that so many of us are feeling.

Archangel Michael again has explained in His good books in terms of the frequencies of the brain waves. As you enter multidimensional awareness, you expand the range of consciousness that your body can handle and the ways in which it is handled.

The brainwave frequencies are as follows:

Beta- “normal” waking consciousness
Alpha – light meditation
Theta – deep meditation
Delta – the sleep state or deep hypnosis

A third-dimensional being functions in the Beta range, and moves into Alpha in states of creativity and prayer.

A fifth-dimensional being functions between Beta/Alpha/Theta in the normal waking state.

Your multi-dimensional awareness allows your consciousness to shift in this range, while you are awake!!! But this is what causes “fatigue”. Your body has always recognized Theta as a state of deep relaxation prior to sleep, and so when your brain waves shift to Theta it sends you a message to say that you are tired and about to go to sleep! And so because we are conditioned to respond to that cue with tiredness and sleep, we feel that we need to go and sleep.

A Note of Caution
Please be careful when in any of the above states that you are aware of the following:

Stay Grounded. Ask Archangel Sandalphon here to help you.  Work at keeping in your body. I know most of you wouldn’t think of it but for some do not take recreational drugs or smoke dope at this time, it will interfere with the natural expansion of consciousness.

Distinguish between real tiredness and expanded consciousness. Be kind to yourself. If you feel tired – rest. In fact, you will need significant amounts of rest as you pass through this Awakening process.


If you try to overdo things you will become hyped up and will probably crash into exhaustion anyway.
Be careful. If you are driving a car for instance, concentrate and focus. So many people could have accidents because they are unaware of what happens when their brain shifts frequencies. It is just a matter of being grounded and concentrating. Tell your body and your guidance that for the duration of the journey you need to be able to concentrate fully on what you are doing.

It’s exciting even if it is demanding but all Life on our little planet is in God’s hands now. We know the world MUST change and IS -what we bring forward within ourselves is also having a tremendous effect on everyone around us and across the world .


So stay the course won’t you. Don’t lose Faith and never, never give up Be the Love that you are in every moment…we are nearly HOME !!!.
                  ‘Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God and breathe out Love’




A footnote….

Learn our Sacred Heart truly opens up the windows of the Soul. Practise good breathing techniques, breathing in the Adamantine Particles. The Adamantine Particles are truly one of God’s greatest Gifts for these times . 


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 We are here to Serve .. Till next time, please pass on as you see fit..


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