Ocean Ormus special report



                                            ‘OCEAN ORMUS’  special report


Hello everyone  thought we would send this short brief out re our incredible Ocean Ormus product range  .We say it so often but we are very proud to be distributing this amazing product range and wanted you to think about trialling. I have taken it every day for 7 or so years now and like Miracle II I wouldn’t be without it.I know from my own healing work it does wonders.


Please be  inspired by what  we write –  enough to give this product a go particularly in these awesome times for which it was designed to be rediscovered …. 



                                          ‘Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence’

(Nano Particulate Essential Minerals) 


Ancient alchemists of many cultures sought to create in their laboratories a substance that conferred amazing properties: higher consciousness, greater spiritual awareness, long life with excellent health. This substance has been known by many names: the Philosopher’s Stone, Manna, White Powder of Gold, the Bread of Life, the Semen of the Gods, Shewbread, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, MFKZT, the Elixir of Life, etc.

AND we now have it as ‘OCEAN ORMUS   Life Force Essence’
WHAT WILL IT DO?……Think of each of the cells of your body as a tired drained battery that can be recharged and rejuvenated by the elemental life force released by OCEAN ORMUS Concentrate Products.  OCEAN ORMUS is a product whose source material comes directly from the waters of the Great Southern Ocean, on the Southern side of Albany. 

We believe it can cleanse the body and remove energy blockages.ORMUS is extracted and concentrated minerals from clean sea water pushed up by the Antarctic currents. All but trace amounts of sea salt is removed and what is left are Minerals that are natural, balanced, and pristine.

From the depths of the sea to final bottling, the pure ocean water is treated with the pure intent it deserves. The ORME or ORMUS, are extracted from water gathered at a place that we have found to be clean and pristine giving us the benefit of using ocean water that is full of vital energy and oxygenation to be able to achieve a high concentration and energized state to our Ocean Ormus precipitate.  When on completion of the process most of the salt is removed, leaving a very pure Ormus (Ocean Minerals) state for bottling.

*Researchers have identified over 40 health problems which the evidence indicates are really NOT diseases at all. Instead, they are the result of a deficiency of the natural trace elements. 
*Many of these vital trace elements are in Ormus.

Health, Rejuvenation, Revitalisation, Healing of the Body and the Mind.

There are many documented claims for healing, rejuvenation and revitalization having occurred from using Ormus we believe that Ormus can do this by it’s “own state” as well as the balanced minerals in OCEAN ORMUS Products. We believe you may also achieve these for yourself by taking Ocean Ormus.

*MENTAL ENHANCEMENT…..Others attest to joy, enhanced mental clarity, calmness, increased intuitive powers, insightfulness and a sense of connection to a higher state of awareness.  The effects that you achieve yourself will vary and will also depend on your own intent and desire.

*Ormus appears to be of a spiritual nature as well as the added benefits of the mineral content.  

*VIGOR.…Recently conducted stamina testing has established that white mice, whose diet was supplemented for thirty days with Ormus Concentrates, demonstrated the capability of swimming more than three times the duration of a control group which did not receive the supplement.

*ORMUS concentrate products help to remove energy blockages and create a vital energy balance. People have reported waves of insight, more energy, euphoria, an increase in vitality, strength increases, better sexual function, chronic acne disappears and many other effects related to healing and rejuvenation, mental clarity, cleansings, natural health from natural source, spiritual enhancement, spiritual healing, energy healing, holistic healing, etc.

*We believe that taking Ormus orally and using it topically go ‘s far beyond what simple colloidal mineral products can do for us. The ORMUS concentration process changes the minerals on an atomic level, thus creating a product far superior to simple nutritional supplements.

*These materials can be related to Qi or Chi (pronounced chee) and can enhance the energy flow within the body.

* “I have suffered from a compressed spine since my early adulthood and since taking Ocean Ormus everyday the pain has ceased and my eyesight has improved as well as my general wellbeing, I have also suffered from sleepless nights for over 20 years with pain and am now sleeping through the night more often than not”.  John, Fremantle
* “Since taking just 2mls of Ocean Ormus a day for the past few weeks I have felt serene and calm also like I float everywhere”.  Brian, Bunbury
* “I feel a sense of clarity, positivity and aliveness I have not felt for a very, very long time.  I feel like I have come out of a quagmire. Dream’ activity has been profound.

*There are so many more testimonials please request a  list to be forwarded to  you.
Ocean Ormus follows the exact process/ guidelines as outlined by Barry Carter and his co rediscoverer of Ormus David Hudson More information about Ormus is provided on Barry Carter’s website at  http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/health/another.htm.



Ocean Ormus is  SUPER concentrated (much more so than many producers so it is  recommended that all that is required is to take dependent on your size  2.to 5 mls per day of Ocean Ormus with water morning or night .If there are serious issues then you can increase …


But 2 mls is sufficient for most.You can never actually overdose on Ocean Ormus Why don’t you discover what it can do for you, your family and friends as hundreds are finding out


*One of the purest sources of Ormus on the planet…

*Amazing testimonials from satisfied customers from day 1 of use

*Super concentrated .a little goes along way – just.2mls per day with water or juice is ample. 

*One 250ml bottle can last a minimum 125 days.No shelf life problems and no need to refrigerate. 

*Safe for pregnant women and children to use but in pro rata dosage dependent on their size.

*Mix a very small percentage ratio with our great Femme and Alpha natural and organic face/ body creams

 to enhance their effect and healing benefits .

*Also with our Eye serum and/or our Pain Relief Ocean Ormus range          


*Ocean Ormus beautifully compliments the Miracle II product range – safely take and use together !



Disclaimer:   The information in these documents is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the author.  You are encouraged to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) in Australia.  The information in these documents is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


                            “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus.“


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