“You can only change yourself, but when you do the whole world changes.”


                                         Circle of Life March 2017 newsletter  



   “You can only change yourself, but when you do the whole world changes” Jeshua            


Welcome to our March newsletter. This is one of the more important newsletters we have written so if you normally only scan quickly or have never thoroughly read through our previous newsletters we would ask  you read this one differently as we focus in this month’s issue on the awakening/ ascension process and  2017 .


As always we say discern, take into your Heart only what you believe is your Truth and leave the rest.


You will see when you read through why we reiterate each month to stay focused in the Sacred Heart and Live from that space as we go about our daily lives. These months ahead may be quite testing but know you are truly being called for your Service.


Everything you have ever experienced in this lifetime and particularly the difficult times has fitted you for your  real earthly job’ .The more you centre and focus on your life ‘from within’, you will know God’s plan for you . ALL is in Divine order and any upcoming ‘world events’ will not affect you.   




In the Heavenly world the Light has won.All we are seeing is a final curtain call of all the dark activities as they know their time is up but it still may not look like it in the 3rd dimensional physical . This will be a short or long period depending on how much work we all do to finally remove all the darkness.


Pray and Meditate, use powerful affirmations laced with plenty of Violet flame  and so doing become a BEHOLDE R and rise above all the effluvia .See the world a much safer and holier place as it will be as we Create it ! .We are the ones who can make a BIG difference to speed up this ‘Light’ process!


Much more globally, locally and personally may happen these next few months as the cosmic waves bombarding our solar system intensify and further stir up our inner and outer worlds.


Some concern will be that many people will go into real Fear but remember we MUST allow them that space too as the most powerful changes coming are in fact the  major changes WITHIN.


Trust in God…Your Service


A short note about my self if I may re Trusting and having Faith in God .. I had been on the Path actively for a number of years when in 1998 when at 3 am in the morning in February that year the voice of God/Holy Spirit woke me up and said  “ IT IS TIME TO GIVE UP YOUR CORPORATE LIFE” .


i knew this voice came from above – the voice was so incredibly powerful and affirmative such that  I obeyed and resigned some 6 weeks later with no real plan at the time but a Faith and Trust ever in God to use all my life’s learned skills now in a different way to be of ‘SERVICE’.


Often since then when I get a little concerned over finances etc  ( I was still supporting  a wife, children and mortgage).the following words were spoken to keep me going  “Remember God is your Super. As you sew so shall you reap” and occasionally ” you worry too much, you will always be taken care of. “ and I have been.  


I mention here your journey is UNIQUE What God may want of you is to be simply more of ‘the Love that you are’. In any case where you need to -,pray and meditate more,. +++But many of you the younger ones  will be called for more ‘active ‘duties ’.Everyone has a UNIQUE Gift. Ask for guidance!


May you take a major leap of Faith,’ don’t hold onto the shore any longer’ , jump off the cliff and FLY OFF into the never never what ever form that takes ….You will find your work is about to begin anew and if what you are doing is God’s Will, you will get all the help you need from above I promise you…..


Jeshua and Michael books and more 


Since making the major life changes I have been given so many things to share with you in these 19 or so years for these times.  Jeshua’s Love Without End, Archangel Michaels books and Teachings to impart, Miracle II and now Ocean Ormus – Plus Sacred Heart Reiki and more.


Do consider these awesome Gifts for your Life .They all carry the Violet flame of redemption, the Adamantine Particles. Plus Ocean Ormus was given among other things to further enhance the Miracle II process by giving us the Spiritual food to help us plug and rebuild the ‘body form at DNA and cellular structure.


This ‘Liquid Powder Gold is ancient. It was given to Abraham, Moses to use and to the Essenes in Jeshua, Mary and Joseph’s time .The Essenes In Jeshua’s time lived  very long lives for their times (well over 100 years) just like Moses and Abraham did.


It is time for the committed, disciplined and dedicated Light workers like never before to shine their Light into the darkest places and support their fellow man particularly when this 3D  world may seem to be going ‘insane.’


If you would like us to give a talk about  any of our work, our teachings, healing or what has been revealed to us and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be happy to oblige


Two quotes from “The Keys of Jeshua” and the Bible to finish our newsletter which directly applies to all of our lives and our work 



                              “If I (you) be lifted up  will draw all men unto me”                                                and He also  said 

                               “The things I do  you shall also do and more”  .


It’s time to go to  work.Till next time many blessings and please pass on.



“Breathe in the Breath and Light of God the Adamantine Particles and Breathe out Love”


Circle of Life www.circleoflife.com.au 041 721 4936

You can only change yourself, but when you do the whole world changes”

                             Quote from Jeshua …John Smallman