“Be the Love/Light that you are”

       Circle Of Life News: Feb 2017Be the Love / Light that you are.”

Be the Love / Light that you are. Bring enlightenment to other ones, and in doing so, you bring it to yourself. Because truly, that which you share with another one, you have to know, feel, recognize in yourself as it flows through you. In any situation where you find yourself dealing with ones who may be a bit blinded to their own Reality, your Love/Light will help them see their way Home.
This is truly what most of humanity is praying for, asking for, crying out for now. They want to know Home, and they know that the world is not Home. It does not feel like Home, and at this point in your evolution, it is still you’re your Home. At some point in time, there will be the knowing of Home upon Earth, but it is not here yet. You are moving towards it.”  ……Jeshua
Welcome to our February newsletter “Love and Light are our theme. “The Power of Love/Light  is the greatest Power in existence, it is the only true Power in God’s worlds. Nothing can stand in the WAY now to bring this planet and all life forms on Her back into the Full Light of God and it is God’s time NOW!
2017 is the year the “Power of Love/Light ” will replace the love of power and this is happening all over the world – corruption, skullduggery in politics, the media, the military, major business, banking institutions religion,dictatorships, are and  will come into enormous scrutiny .They are already being given lots of ‘worldwide public attention’. Action will follow !
Greed, sexual abuse and exploitation, everything that is not of God is coming to the surface to be cleansed as never before -none of this baggage can be taken into the new Golden age so do NOT be alarmed at what you are seeing on the fake  news IF you are watching it..The people involved leading this ‘revolution’ are working from a lower 3rd dimensional reality.
The mass consciousness is awakening right on que so now we need to know how to use God’s Power as Love/Light . By itself Love can be dormant and ineffective without the Power of God behind it to create the world around us. You are a beacon of God’s Light /Love whether you know it or not. Use it !.
Start to use your Power as it is time not be afraid any longer. Share what you know This time we cannot and will not be hurt like we have been in times past.
The world is now waiting for the TRUTH to be revealed and you hold a Key.As part of the God team on Earth you are collectively writing and rewriting the  script for our future in this very moment NOW !. We can and will create our own future as Love or  !!!
If only ALL of humanity knew their true (God) Power within, there is absolutely nothing that could not be changed or lessoned on this planet through the Power of Love/Light , the greatest Power in the Universe and by Prayer, Meditation or Contemplation and good works…Teach them!
Remember the Light within you is becoming so much more powerful now on the inner/etheric plane so Being the Light and Love that we are is our first job. Practice being the Love/Light  that you are each day – a simple SMILE, laugh a little, laugh a lot . Envisage the Light within streaming forth to everyone .
Share your Joy. Your smiling Eyes and Loving Heart can affect others in so many ways more than you will ever know. Make this a part of your daily routine.
The Spiritual Path was never meant to be one of sombre expression and living. All these things are good for lightening  up our sometimes heavy hearts too. Sing and Dance some too …Jeshua Loved Life. In His time on Earth, He Loved to  sing and dance …“Life is Love in Action He said.
We ask those who ‘volunteered’  to now go beyond  and reach out to others to Teach (not Preach) what they know. For others they can do this simply one on one and then as we become more confident take out into groups and larger audiences but all depending on where we are at and our Soul contract..
Nurture yourself, take time out each day this will help you do God’s work even better .Spend time with our animal and bird kingdoms and the dolphins and whales if you get the opportunity.Walk in a forest or by the beach, hug a tree,admire the plant kingdom …they ALL have much Love and Light to share..
 And as part of that routine always allow for some time for short prayer and meditation breaks (more preferable now to take short breaks rather than a long meditation) during a day.BREATHE,Lighten up at night before you go to sleep.
When you go to bed put the Violet flame through all your days unresolved events,(‘mistakes’ you might call them), to those that you hurt, that hurt you. They will disappear Then call on Archangel Michael to cut the chord/ties of whatever is the situation(s) needing resolving. They might just ‘fix’ themselves overnight.
Never ever give up when things may appear to go against you and there are ‘tough’ and exhausting days for us all where we may want to say its all too hard with all this new cosmic energy bombarding us.  Be not concerned for the future- you are creating it now.
If you stay and Live in the Sacred Heart you will always be in the right place at the right time and not be effected by the world around you.
Your time is at hand. You are here to help humanity like never before  you have much Heavenly support. All you have to do is ASK.
Till next time …
                                  “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of Life, The Breath of God and Breathe out Love”
Many blessings and please pass on as you see fit

                                                          “You were born to make known the Presence of Love /Light within you ” ~                                                                                                      www.circleoflife.com.au