I AM the WAY

                                                            “I AM the Way “ 

                                          Circle of Life’s April/Easter 2017 Newsletter


   “Allow yourself to feel My Presence this Easter and allow My Love to fill you always”.  Jeshua


Welcome to our Circle of Life newsletter for April/ Easter 2017.Like all our newsletters we ask you read with discernment and take in only what resonates with your Heart’s Truth … please read on though we have good things to share.  


Resurrection …


As we reiterate each month this is a very special time on our planet .We are going back to God , raising our consciousness till we achieve enlightenment, resurrection. aided and abetted by getting a major transformation from God’s incredible intensified rays of Cosmic Fire bombarding our planet .


What is happening on our little planet  has never happened before in any system of worlds. Everything is being made  anew  as Mother Earth goes back to the full spectrum LIGHT of the 5th dimension taking all Life with Her ! Remember this is her Resurrection time too.


Add to this as we approach Easter we are in for one extra special time given this year is truly the start of the new golden age.. I think we will feel the extra extra strength to keep on keeping on as we continue to do  the hard yards to expand our consciousness and fully reconnect with our Sacred Hearts and then teach humanity the WAY. 


Even though our resurrection experiences would never be as spectacular as Jeshua’s,  we will still experience  a great raising of Love, Light , Wisdom and Power within in particularly these upcoming months. 


And no more shame or guilt at Easter this year , we have crucified ourselves long enough. Focus on Jeshua’s Resurrection and our own opportunities for the same. The more we see Him hanging on the Cross, the more we hang our heads .He Told me two years ago at this time  to tell those doing this  “to take the nails out of the communion bread andfocus on the Resurrection only”.


He does not want that anymore nor does He want us to see Him on a Crucifix, except on a glorifying white cross perhaps – Yes, Risen !….It is finished, it is over. He did it so we don’t have to   Such was, and is God’s and Jeshua’s Love for us all .Thank Him for it but get over it NOW and forever more . 


A special Gift from Jeshua


And here is something extra special as a Gift from Jeshua for this Easter .You will want to use it often when thinking of the Creator and Him to help give you strength and align your life /intentions with God.

Say these words together out loud   three times …  AH – ZUH – NIGH  !.

AH summons to the Will /Intention  of  Creator  I AM

ZUH acknowledges the Power of Creation. (remembering  your godself is a co creator)

NIGH is the physical creation energy (Adamantine particles) that follows the spiritual into manifested form.


There is a great Power in these words said with right Intent -You acknowledge God, all aspects of alignment with His plan and Direction into your Life plus this affirmation  offers  you the Gold and Silver rays of God’s Healing.

(Everything in God’s infinite universe is created by and  responds to Light , Sound and Colour. These are powerful universal Sounds of God’s Grace.  )


Humanities awakening


The Spark has now truly been lit into humanities’ Hearts but we cannot force anyone to change…your prayers and WORKS are needed as many may decide to either stay in their comfort zone, their materialistic ways (and that includes many Light workers) and/or for others in the world they may choose to stay in their fear zone .


Their choices are tantamount to ‘not facing the Light’ . For those who do not change it will be harder to go forward, keep pace and even survive on this planet in the very near future because of extra cleansing now required to complete bringing the planet to the Light .


Dedicated Light workers. Keep the Faith, Trust in God as all help will be given us in these critical times when we ASK with God Intent.

We know it is  a crazy time, crazies full stop ! Plus some have said they feel they are in a NULL zone, almost like in a Limbo  state, crazy dreams and on top of that the new energies are exhausting, not to mention how the crazy weather patterns, earth changes will affect us…. occurring all over the planet ..


We know it is tough going some days but we remind you that you are Powerful human Beings be-coming Supermen and Superwomen .We agreed we could handle all this and still Smile and look at things as the Beholder and not get involved.


Even when we are feeling so out of sorts know we agreed to help RAISE THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS until humanity says ‘YES to Life’.  

A couple of other things to share from Jeshua…


Do you know when you consciously call Jeshua’s name you are saying ‘YES TO LIFE’. Put your hand on your Heart anytime you feel down and speak His name out loud .(three times)… J E S H UA. …His name means ‘YES TO LIFE’ …..


He will be Present for you . He also said separately that “He will not rest until all humanity have brought Him home.”  You see we all live within Him. 

Simply ‘Shine your Light’ on all you come in contact with now, Look into their  eyes and Smile. Find time to speak to all who are drawn to you.You do not know how much good that can bring .TEACH as you see fit to do so but let your example be your no 1 teacher.

Pray and Meditate, use the Violet flame to make all thing new. Consciously breath in the Breath of God via the Adamantine Particles, Breathe out Love regularly .Call on Archangel Michael’s legion of Angels to assist us carry the load and all this will help us still feel balanced within..   

The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart is where our connection to God resides and it is from here  Awakening ,Enlightenment , Resurrection takes place, no where else . 


Here we will find the Light and Love of God, the Peace and Tranquillity and nowhere else to be able to make right decisions and now it is urgent, no critical we go within and  stay there and live from there so we are not affected or influenced by world events that seem to be increasing around the globe. 

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   Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read.


       “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love”


                     A very happy and joy filled Easter to all.     



                        “I AM the Way the Truth and the Life”