Miracle II news update

             Circle of Life’s   Miracle II God’s and Nature’s Gift for the world


Miracle11 is one of the most extraordinary products ever given to  man .It is a Gift from God to  help us clean up  our bodies, our homes, our animals ,pets and our planet and yet they are so safe you can drink them all. The revelations and the formulas were given to Clayton Tedeton for these extraordinary times we are living in.


Some wonderful facts about these products follow….

FACT: Did you know that Miracle11 can not only cost effectively be used for all Personal care uses but also clean and sanitize your home, shop, or office, shed or farm .The Soaps  can  ……

*Dissolve an oil spill on the oceans;

*Can help enormously in flood disasters

                   *Has a profound effect on Neutralizing Radiation of all kinds including Nuclear.

*Can change the vibration of the waterways and

                                     *Help put LIFE back into  our toxic soil and Mother Earth..

* What goes down your sink and drains is still doing its environmental work


FACT: In the U.S. several years ago an independent scientific study showed Miracle11 was tested to actually neutralize radiation effects of people who were exposed to Nuclear radiation in power plants
And yet it so safe you can use the Neutralizer Liquid , Neutralizer Gel, Skin Moisturizer and any one of the Soaps on a baby’s bum for nappy rash and general  bathing. 

Fact: Miracle11 was independently clinically tested in the U.S  against Anthrax, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, and it NEUTRALIZED them . FACT: Miracle11 can just as safely be used on animals and pets

FACT: Miracle11 can be used very effectively in agriculture, farming and in your own garden to produce wonderful  and chemical  free veggies

FACT: Miracle11  carries the Violet Flame of God


All Miracle11 products by their anointing carry the Violet Flame .The Violet Flame is a Gift from God and its power is its function to Neutralize, change, transform vibration among other things

 The Violet Flame you could say works like Soap so the synergy of the name Neutralizer and all products are defined as Soaps


 FACT: Miracle11 …can save you up to $200 per quarter out of your family budget for personal care and household cleaning needs


 Miracle II is perfect for children and infants

as well as adults  …..

Natural Health and Personal care range are …..

Antifungal and Antibacterial naturally for

* All Skin care problems- Acne, Eczema

*Aches & Pains of every kind

*Bathing and Beauty treatments,

* Blisters, Bites & Burns

*Body and Face Wash & Moisturizers

*Cellulite/ Wrinkles/Stretch Marks

*Chest Infections, Coughs and Colds

*Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

*Removes head lice

*Washing babies and children’s clothes

*Pleasant detoxifying agent

*Reflux, digestive problems

*Scars, Sores, Sunburn, Sunspots,

*Teeth & Sensitive Gums, oral hygiene

*Allergies and much much more

Neutralizer Gels and Liquids

are ‘Emergency Kits in a bottle’ 

for ‘total’  body care

*Aches & Pains of every kind

*All Skin Care problems– Acne, Eczema

*Antiseptic and antifungal naturally

*Cellulite, Wrinkles, Stretch marks

*Chest infections, coughs, colds

*Hair reviver/ Gel


*Pleasant Detoxifying Agent

*Reflux, Digestive Problems

*Scars, Sunburn, Sunspots,

*Teeth & Sensitive Gums, Oral hygiene

*Tired, aching sore feet

*Wheat, Gluten intolerance

  There is a Miracle II product for every health and personal care need!    

You can even wash your vegetables in a few drops of the soaps and

spray Neutralizer on your meats, fish and chicken, they are so  safe

No chemicals ,no petroleum, non toxic only .pure natural and organic ingredients


And perfect for Animals and Pets

Dilute dependent on size of the animal  

Same applications for Soaps or Neutralizers to all

*Neutralizers help remove worms, parasites

          *Shampoo –   shiny  coats ,no fleas, insects  nor ticks   


           Visit our website for more comprehensive information   .. Material Safety Data sheets and  Scientific data, is available             



 Gift ideas

Don’t forget our Miracle II Gift packs, plenty on offer-a Retail pack,  a Travel/ Trial pack ,a  Beauty pack offers and an Animal and Pet care pack all with instructions and applicators.

Check out the past newsletters listed on our website in our archive files for more handy hints as well as revisit the “How to use instructions for all applications”.


And don’t forget our Ocean Ormus  and Love Without End range go hand in glove with Miracle II

  For more information about these magical products visit  www.circleoflife.com.au 


  Spread the good news won’t you…. these products truly are a Gift.

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