The Light has returned in earnest

The Light has returned in earnest


Welcome to our  Circle of Life pre Christmas newsletter .In this issue we thought we would share with you our thoughts on the Crystalline body and why we write about it so much. Also we discuss the’ NOW’ time and what it means and the incredible Light that is commanding the Earth right now so do read on and enjoy.


The Crystalline body


We mention often how our bodies are and will become more Crystalline in the near NOW time and that the bombardment of Photon energy carrying Gamma radiation etc.  is slowly making this happen but we mention here early in this newsletter that this can only effect us totally by a Life of Love , good works , prayer and meditation.


In God’s scheme of things only two types of energies can sustain a human body – Carbon (which we are now) and Crystalline. To live on the new higher Earth 4th/5 th dimension, our bodies   have to change to something more compatible that supports Life at this level, Carbon doesn’t, Crystalline does.


This is real you know and is happening but to explain in a little more detail I have used some writings from Tyberone – Metatron channel who can explain in simpler detail then I can.(Tyberone is  a world renowned geologist and channel for Archangel Metatron who has made  a lifetime study of more than 30 years of the crystal kingdoms  from every country on the Earth.)


“Crystalline-Energy’ that accompaning Life on Earth  is not new. It was present on pre-duality Earth, and in the Golden Eras of Leumeria & Atlantis . Crystalline frequency is indeed, the core frequency and predominate energy of higher realms (5th dimension and higher). It is the vibration of what you term as the Angelic realm.


Crystalline energy is of course non-physical, in our terms. It is a pure sentient energy that can be compared to Light, albeit above our physical visibility range.  Our planet is dotted and networked with crystal deposits and ‘beds of crystalline grids/strata, all of which are activating….none more so than Arkansas & Brazil, which serve respectively  as the northern & southern hemispheric  epi-centres of Crystalline energy on the Earth


‘Quartz’ comprises approximately 12 percent of our earth’s volume. Each area of the earth containing crystals, generates an energy trajectory which adds, in their succinct individual nature & vibration, to the Crystallization process of the planet.


And we add to the notation, it is wise for those among you to find an accessible crystalline area to meditate within between the present timing and the December solstice (Oct 28-Dec 23).


For in the still present frequential wake of the Total Solar Eclipse, and the ongoing amplifying meteor-showers, the crystals , across the planet, are receiving these energies… and are  bathing in coherent-Light, effervescing with life force, codes & sparkling energies”


For those of you who  work with crystals  you know the profound affect crystals can have on the human psyche..But this new incredible influx  of extra  God infused  energy   can and will impact humans  even further in the coming times… all for the highest good


The Light has returned

If you haven’t noticed there is definitely  a feeling of Lightening up of late    the heaviness felt by the ‘deep state’ activities that have been such a heavy load on those working for the highest good are and will come to a grinding halt with the good guys Trump, Putin and Xi  efforts bringing forward  announcements of more peaceful solutions to world issues and the consequent rounding up of more and more of  the dark ones


But it is not over yet and you may not see or read about this in the mainstream media for sometime -TV, mass media, print media etc all are under their control.. Soon they will have to let go of their ‘dark masters’ and report the Truth.’


There may still be some more surprises coming from them even before Christmas..Stay above all this. Don’t get entrapped in their last throws of the dice.. They can’t hurt us anymore.. we are protected by the Light


The NOW time


Soon in this NOW time we have to start to  rebuild our world the best WAY we know from a God standpoint ….Let us reiterate this pointWhatever plans we make for our lives we must now do from projecting in the NOW time not the future as the future does not actually exist

This is a new discipline for most of us to understand …Project, plan your lives for the NOW time That is what your Angels understand .Everything happens in the Circle of Life NOW… Everything  !!!! One day we will not have clocks or calendars.


In the NOW its time to loosen up this holiday period…Everything on this Earth is becoming more alive NOW .Walk, run barefooted in the grass and receive the energies from the elements around you. They will go directly into your body, if you allow it, where they will fill every cell with the Light they carry with them.

This wakes up all the Light that is hidden in your body. It tells everything that lives in your body that it is time to wake up. It is time for the Light to wake up from its ‘Snow White’ dream and appear.


The time is NOW for all things living on our Earth to wake up from their slumber – to wake up to its Truth and Light aided by the greatest influx of God Light ever to  bombard our little planet, our Sun, our solar system and our Galaxy for that matter .

Earth and all her kingdoms are on its way to their own Light and it can become an abrupt awakening for those that are deeply asleep. God is ensuring we get all the help we can to awaken and grow   Nothing will ever be the same again only better on this planet God designated to go to the Light.


This Christmas time find the time to rest in yourselves. Find the time to be outside in the open. Find the time to feel and experience the increased Light from the Sun (not the heat necessarily) everything that is around you. It is time now, you cannot wait any longer – the first steps should be now.

Jeshua…“It is important to stop, breathe  (the Adamantine particles), to feel the Light that vibrates all around. It seeks you now, so open up and invite in the Light and Love into your lives. Once you have done so things may become  so much easier.

The resistance is small and Love vibrates greatly today – the journey will be easier than you think. Do not hesitate, but meet   Yourselves in your Sacred Heart chamber, it will not be so hard – you will find much Love there. Love is all around you now in the form of so many more Loving guides and beings.


The Loving world is standing at the door and you all have the ability to enter into it. What are you waiting for? The door is open .I  AM waiting , Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and the Angels are waiting for you there.


You are Loved  far beyond imagination and understanding so you do not need to be afraid. You are very much cherished and Loved so there is nothing to be afraid of.


You can be secure and calm in that you enter a Loving world, where only Light and Love exist.” …end of Jeshua  quote


Practice and use the ‘Resurrection Flame’ exercise and the’ Contemplating God’ meditation  we sent out this and last connect more fully to your Inner/Higher Self ,your Sacred Heart and stay there as long as you can each day


Expect more and more changes  happening  all over the planet in this NOW time but know all is truly in God’s hands and all serves the AT-One-ment    Stay above all the effluvia ,,become the Beholder if you are not already.


Till  next  time have a happy and holy Christmas time with your families and Loved ones .Remember in your thoughts Christ’s  family and the little ones 


Thank you for your support throughout 2017 and remember  we are taking a short break from December 17th till the new year so place orders now to avoid any disappointments .We have wonderful  products for your overall health and well being 


God Bless and find time to Love your self  more  in this special time of the year by Loving the Christ child within as much as  “Loving one another  as I have Loved you ” .