God’s still doing Miracles

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Hi everyone welcome to our first newsletter for 2018. I still remember Clayton Tedeton  (Miracle II’s founder) saying to me God’s still doing Miracles. when I met with him 13 years ago to take on Miracle II  It was one of Clayton Tedeton’s  favourite sayings when he spoke at hundreds perhaps thousands of lectures and interviews he did across the U.S and further abroad because he saw what God gave him was real and was needed for humanity.Millions now across the world  have attested to the fact it works wonders  and  beautifully supports our environment ..
You can read more about  Clayton and the creation of Miracle II in our webpages…..
So with that introduction welcome to a brief midsummer report on our Miracle II range . “Never leave home without it” It has 101 + uses and more . And In these tough times Miracle II can actually save you heaps whilst giving you awesome personal care and general healing benefits plus general purpose applications for cleaning , pets and animals and gardening .

Miracle II  is a must have for the ‘land down under’ in summer  
Never was a product so necessary for our Australian climate. With the extremes in weather we are experiencing this summer and the suffering people, animals and the land have experienced to date we thought we would remind on how you can rely on Miracle II to assist you through these days.
All Miracle II products are “Emergeny kits in a bottle”  and remember they sanitize and disinfect as well as clean.
Insect infestation, bites and more
Droughts and floods alike insects abound and multiply in this country like no other. Miracle II will work on all your insect, mozzie, fly, bee, spider and even snake bites and even the soaps which are 80% Neutralizer liquid will do a similiar job  as the Neutralizers.
Read the how to use instructions pages if you are unsure of how to use.
On our website Drinking Neutralizer Liquid daily also helps to  build up your resistance to all types of stingers.
Miracle II has had amazing effects on every type of burn known to man and that includes third degree burns. If you or your family get  burnt  sunburnt  suggest the following treatment:
Spray or submerge area(s) in the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until the pain stops. For large burns or cuts wrap area in clean towel and keep this soaked with Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid  or a watered down Miracle II soap for several hours. Users report healing happens with no scars or blisters.
    Severe burns, extreme sunburn
A customer in Victoria told us how her hand was badly burned by the plastic handle of a saucepan on the stove. She did not know the handle was hot obviously. Anyway the plastic melted into her hand and she could not remove it. She kept applying the Neutralizer Gel and finally the plastic from the handle separated. Within a couple more days of  regular application throughout the day her hand healed up.
And with Australian’s love of getting a suntan, these products are awesome for sunburn and extreme sunburn cases as many,many testimonials have demonstrated.Trial the Skin Moisturizer out too which has some lovely soothing skin moisturizers in it plus the healing benefits of the Neutralizer Gel 
And don’t forget your pets and animals..same applications but use discernment  re how much you use versus size and weights of pets and animals.  
(check out our pets and animals guide on our website)
                                                                          How Miracle II products workPersonal Use
·  Miracle II products contain only natural and organic ingredients, no synthetics ,are gluten free, are non toxic  so human and animal safe, which means that they are not
    harmful if ingested.
·  All Miracle II products are naturally antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial so no need for any other chemically based formulations for these purposes
·  The basis of the MII formulations is that the water is first put through an electrical process known as eloptic energy. This process transforms it to include highly
    charged mineral clusters.          
·  Studies show that toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the charged clusters.
·  This process is an extension of one of Nikola Tesla’s scientific gifts given to the world and helps make Miracle II truly a Gift range in its own right..
·  People have found that when they take the Miracle 11 Detoxification Baths and Neutralizer Liquid it takes the pressure off the detoxification organs – kidneys, liver
    lungs and bowel.
·  Studies have shown that toxins in the body are positively charged. The Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer have a high negative charge which magnetizes and pulls
    the toxins out.
·  Then the minerals in the Neutralizer can be absorbed into the body, often reducing the body’s toxic load.
·  Miracle II products have been shown to create increased oxygenation in the cells.
·  ·  These products are highly alkaline:
o    the Soaps have a pH of 8.4
o    the Neutralizer Liquid has a pH of 8.5
o    the Neutralizer Gel has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4
o    the Skin Moisturizer has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4   
For more about Miracle’s enormous range of uses now read the “101  + A to Z personal uses” document we have attached

A new year’s Ocean Ormus  report follows shortly  
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