You are the Power of Now…use it

Circle of Life 2018 May newsletter  

 “You are the Power of the Now…Use it”                 

Welcome to our special May newsletter. We would ask as always discern, take into your Heart only what you believe is your Truth. You will see when you read through why we reiterate each month to stay focused in the Sacred Heart and Live from that space as we go about our daily lives

These times ahead will truly be calling for your Service. Remember everything you have ever experienced in this lifetime and particularly the difficult times has fitted you for your ‘job’ ahead .The more you centre and focus your life from within though, you will know ALL is in Divine order and the less any upcoming ‘world events’ will affect you  

Our own revelations

We only ever touch slightly on what God has revealed to us in the past but feel it is time to open up a little bit more because of the times.

I have been shown in advance any major tsunamis earthquakes, political changes in governments, even taken into world of our political and religious leaders, shown the drug and pharmaceutical trade, how Light children are being abused and victimized and more and so we do mention some of these things in our monthly newsletters for your prayers and support .

Jeshua said once to me “WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH .the light workers are not doing enough !” . He said this with a powerful but Loving undertone.

In this shift of the ages Humanity is now ready for the BIG shake and you are needed .I have seen waves of Photon Light bombarding the Earth plane like streams of electric current helping to rewire the Consciousness of the Earth’s structure and our human bodies among other things .

Plus the thousands and thousands of extra-terrestrials ships who are observing but will not interfere with our free will and only act when asked. I call the extra-terrestrial’s the Angelics !

Plus I have seen what the Adamantine particles are about as these will help us create your ‘new world.   Do look further into this new revealed Gift from God through Jeshua and Archangel Michael .

In the Heavenly world the Light has won… All we are seeing an final curtain call of an outplaying of the dark activities as they know their time is up .The more you are attuned to your Sacred Heart, You are the Power of the Now and Love is he only answer to Life on Earth.So from now on never relinquish your Power to anyone. Rise above all the effluvia and see the world a much safer and holier place as it will be as you Create it .

A word on the Ascension process here .

We have written before… Ascension is not a magical star-dust thing that immediately changes everyone even with the Event(s) coming forward .It is a newly opening 5th dimensional doorway that each chooses to pass through when ready. With all the new energies coming through at this time this is speeding up the process, the opportunity of consciousness to advance through this ‘doorway’ BUT the choice is each persons. depending on their readiness, their pure intent and indeed their light quotient …..It has always been so, one heart one soul at a time

2018 and onwards

Our Earth and all Life forms on her, humanity most particularly are being cleansed BIG TIME now.. so more activities are and will occur (not so pretty looking on the surface at the moment) Humanity as we have often said simply cannot take any garbage into the golden ‘times.

Powerful changes must come from WITHIN and that can only happen through practices like Prayer and Meditation . Why do we repeat this because humanity enmasse is dragging the chain behind Earth’s evolution. Humanity is still caught up in the lifestyle and dramas of 3d life. They need your help to start to view and live life from a higher perspective ..

Remember it should be easier to help ‘Light their fires’ now with God’s all powerful Cosmic Energetic changes happening at present .

Spiritual Business Plan

We mention briefly to write out your Spiritual business plan for your future (add your family and children too if you wish ) and do so in your own handwriting. If you haven’t done so please give it a got You will be amazed what it may bring up. Pray and meditate before doing .. Write down everyone you would like to be involved with, everything you need to have ,what Heavenly and/or Earthly team can assist you.

   SIGN YOUR LETTER OF INTENT AND DATE IT and leave on the table open overnight.          

Now .It .doesn’t matter whether you have ever done one previously. .these need to be updated often … Write on a separate piece of paper all the things that you feel are STOPPING you like your work, the mortgage, your family, your lifestyle ,your current living environment whatever then burn that list.

There are legions of God’s team – Masters, Saints, Angels and Archangels ‘waiting in the wings’ to be of Service to you, but be One with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit within you firstly then call on Jeshua, Mother Mary (especially for women and children) and Archangel Michael or whoever you feel drawn to assist you to take the next STEP the next leap of Faith to be of SERVICE to people around you, our Earth and her kingdoms

May you take a major leap of Faith beyond earthly bounds now – jump off the cliff, FLY OFF into the never never ,’ don’t hold onto the shore any longer’ what ever form it takes for you ….You will find your work is about to begin anew ……

Circle of Life’s work…Jeshua and Michael books and more

God has given us Jeshua’s Love Without End, ‘Conversation with Jesus’ CD sets ,Archangel Michaels books , Miracle II and now Ocean Ormus to share and distribute with you for these very special times Do consider these awesome Gifts plus Jeshua’s Sacred Oils which are filled with Adamantine Particles too.

Ocean Ormus we were given among other things to further enhance the Miracle II process and then by giving us the Spiritual food to help us plug and rebuild the ‘body form at DNA and cellular structure ..Plus ALL carry the Violet flame of redemption and the Adamantine particles

It is time for the committed, disciplined and dedicated Light workers like never before to shine their Light into the darkest places and support their fellow man particularly when the world may seem to be going ‘insane’

If you would like us to give a talk about any of our work, our teachings, healing or what has been revealed to us and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be happy to oblige

Two quotes from “The Keys of Jeshua” and the Bible to finish our newsletter which directly applies to all of our lives and our work
                              “If I be lifted up will draw all men unto me”  

                                             and He also said

                           ‘The things I do, you shall also do and more”   .

The Lving Word of St John and The Keys of Jeshua available through Circle of Life

This is your time

Till next time “Breathe in the Breath and Light of God and Breathe out Love”



“You are the Light of the world “