The New Times


             The New Times


                                             A special quote from Jeshua to lead us into the message of this newsletter


This is not the end of geophysical time or biological time but it is the ending of ‘story’ on such a massive scale  that one can only survive the forthcoming changes  by honouring  Life, Love, Personal Integrity and Community above all stories.


The whole Earth -land, sea ,animals ,plants and atmosphere -ache for the end of its troubled stories .Most of all the hearts of men and women ache  for them to  end . Each will play its part in seeing that it does


Planetary changes  will continue to shifting populations. Massive relocation of people will transform economic systems and the way people relate to  each other.. Belief systems will be  fully re-examined!


There will be so much transformation in this century, much so that what you now consider reality will only be found in history books.” The Keys of  Jeshua


Welcome to our March 2019 newsletter.. As we always request read our newsletter with an open mind and ask Holy Spirit within if what we write is your Truth  We have truly now moved into that time of the ‘End of days’ that John wrote about in the new Testament  and Daniel in the Old Testament …Everything they saw and wrote about  is TRUTH for me but it is the ending of 3 D Life on Earth not the End of Life.


It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know we are going through the most incredible changes on the planet that have ever happened. BIG things are happening all over the world-weather patterns are off the planet’  so to speak , hottest summers, coldest winters ever recorded, even snow in Hawaii and Florida (similar climate to North Queensland) .Droughts , fires , floods, recessions, fear tactics to start  all out wars , earth movements not to mention the greed and corruption being unearthed in governments ,banks, churches etc.


But do not be afraid as we living in God’s time NOW. To lift your spirits before we move on  another  quote from Jeshua  from “The Keys of Jeshua” .The great news to tell you is we will ‘soon’ be living in new times on a New Earth   full of Love, Peace, Joy and everything that goes with it. It is the thousand years of Peace coming


”On the new Earth our bodies will be renewed , we will live under the conscious direction of Love. The transformation will be brought about by knowing the truth of what Love is. In this new state of existence, Love will literally cause the pulse beat of your Heart and the cells of your body.  Love will propel the blood through your veins.  Love will spark your thoughts, and all the energies around you, and all that you magnetize to yourselves.”


This is starting to happen .NOW. With  what’s happening on our planet humanities attention is being drawn to ‘go within’ and are starting to change and growing spiritually despite what appears in our world. Everything that is coming up is so  to be totally scrubbed clean  and Mother Earth is doing her bit here to assist as she has been abused by humanity most particularly these past hundred years.


I have heard Gods’ voice say to me “Enough is enough” .That is the best news  I have heard so I feel comforted by that message to keep on keeping on and to stay above all the ‘effluvia’ going on in just about every area of Mother Gaia .I repeat we will still have to  look at  all or any ‘events’ from a Beholder’s  viewpoint ,stay in the  Heart , Meditate and Pray constantly.


Now it is going to take as long as or short a  time as humanity  decides to change enmasse  so there is  a very exciting but challenging time  ahead   especially for those unawakened  and we will have our work cut out then.  Right now the Light workers  and the  good souls who are Pure of Heart in all walks of life right across our planet are helping to raise the Consciousness of people and our planet back to LOVE.


God’Grace … the EVENT                                                                                                                                                  

There is one very important over and above extra to happen on our planet ‘SOON’   to move ALL humanity  forward . God is in command at this unique time despite our free will and I believe with all my Heart  that His /Her Presence will be actually felt by ALL LIFE on Mother Earth very SOON.


Even if people have no beliefs , they will know this Event is of God  Even the animals, the birds and sea life will experience God .I do not know that exact date but my Heart is  saying it is very soon NOW. This EVENT may last a whole day or more so people cannot possibly forget it 


This God experience   will enrapture  every single person, with  a  feeling of  JOY, BLISS ,LOVE like they have never ever experienced ….  Is this likened to the Rapture spoken of in the Bible!


For those connected to Jeshua or Buddha or Krishna they may experience their energy as well as God directly . For Muslims or Jews they may experience Jeshua’s  as there is an affinity there


The masses may still be in denial and resistant to change, as many may be incapable of absorbing what they feel may be far-fetched, radical teachings of the coming age of en-Lighten-ment even though they may say they had a  ’ God experience ‘


Fear, discontent and anger still may abound  for a human majority not ready to accept the fact that great changes in every area of life on Earth need to be made if we are to live in a time of Love, Peace and  Joy  all over our planet


We know our work and ‘time is truly at hand’ to spread the message  of LOVE ,the message of the Sacred Heart and ‘God Within’ and revisit with humanity this incredible Gift of God’s Grace.


We know that these maybe  times of great stress during  momentous change. It is more important than ever that you do not let yourselves be dragged downward onto the spiral of fear and negativity that is building within the collective consciousness of humanity.


You must stay centered and focused on your personal vision for the future and do not allow others to deter you from your path out of a false sense of duty, and old ties that bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions.


Be aware that there will be people who come into your life who may try to discourage you from your Path as you move further along the spiral of truly awakening / or the resurrection / ascension process, and there may be some that you will leave behind as you delve deeper into the complexities of enlightenment.


But do not judge. Bless them and allow them to follow their own path, but do not let them deter you from yours. Those like you are the Way showers, the ones brave enough to step out and away from popular beliefs and the limited mass consciousness of the Third- and lower Fourth-Dimensional environment.


Allow teE visions that sometimes fill your consciousness (your Christ Consciousness now ) to come forth, and allow yourself to speak the words of wisdom that often go through your mind.


During these momentous times of transformation, the Light of Eternal Life will not be denied. It is delving into the deepest pockets of negativity within your multiple bodily systems. As these misqualified thought forms rise to the surface, they can create great discomfort in various ways, for they have been a part of your physical makeup for a very long time. They may not relinquish their hold easily, but you must prevail.


Do not become discouraged, for as you move deeper and deeper into your inner core, your Sacred Heart you are being given an opportunity to, once and for all, release to the Light all frequencies of a discordant nature which do not serve your greatest good.


Are you ready to step forward now in these critical times ! You are needed as transducers and transmitters of the incredible energies  being sent from Heaven  to help move humanity and the Earth through this important time of transition.


Shine your   Love/Light everywhere ….your circle of influence will widen. First, you will be  further transformed, and gradually, those in your immediate environment too– then it will radiate out further and further into the world.


As you allow your Sacred Heart, your Higher Self to guide you and to become more fully integrated within, more and more inspired thought will come to you… just allow it to happen naturally, Meditate and Pray on it as all of Heaven Our Mother/Father God and the God team are here to support and encourage us


And just maybe you are being called to “get on your bike” now for an even greater role. You are ready, NOW is the time” You will not and cannot be harmed from any 3D source   once you fully commit to the Path. You are protected   by legions of God’s angels !


Again we ask you read with an open mind and meditate on our writings.Ask Holy Spirit within your Sacred Heart what you feel is your TRUTH from our message and act on it as you see fit.


                                                                                God  speed you on your new journey in Life


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  “Breathe in the God’s Holy Breath, the Adamantine Particles and breathe out Love to all you come in contact with.”