Personal & General Green Concentrated Soap the soap that started it all,4 sizes available


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Ingredients: Electrically Engineered / Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution, Vegetable Gum.

Description: Miracle II Concentrated, Anti-fungal, Antibacterial Soaps are ‘silky’ on the skin Miracle II soaps – perfect for all skin and hair types.

One of the most amazing products that has ever been presented to mankind! Most of this spiritual product is from the dust of the earth, without the drawbacks and harsh ingredients of ordinary soaps and detergents. Revealed to Clayton Tedeton more than 20 years ago, new uses are discovered all the time!

Thousands of practical use by testimonies in the bath, shower or general personal use
Bathing is a MUST for maximum benefits of all Miracle II products used personally. Add a small capful of either Concentrated or Moisturizing Soap and a small capful of Neutralizer liquid as the bath water is filled is all that is required to feel their wonderful energizing and healing effects of a Miracle II bath.

All the 7 million pores of your skin get opened up and rejuvenated!

Shower with it, shave with it Use our soap dispensers to make your soaps go further as they are extremely concentrated.

Its an ALL purpose General Concentrated Soap too!

It can be used a cleaner … degreaser … and deodoriser… all in one! Miracle II Soap sanitises and cleanses your home – including the laundry, your workshop, your office, shop or factory. It’s like no other and cost effective as it is so concentrated. Dilute it to create solutions for light, medium, or heavy cleaning. Pump pack sprayer available to make up heavy duty all purpose cleaner It’s so concentrated that one bottle will make up to hundreds of applications as a glass cleaner, dishwashing soap, car or truck wash clothes detergent, carpet cleaner oven cleaner, spot cleaner, garden spray and even acts as an insecticide. It virtually can replace most other cleaning products in and around the home, office, shop or factory!

“Naturally super concentrated, non toxic and decontaminating Miracle II concentrated soaps benefits our Earth and our waterways.”

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110ml, 275ml, 525ml, 2.2 Litres