Laundry, Bath & Therapeutic Ball So many uses and guaranteed 3 years


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Description: An incredible product with so many uses – it works energetically, filled with MII products that never actually get used up. No more washing powders or fabric softeners.

In the wash use the Laundry /Therapeutic Ball in all washing machine applications It is filled with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer It has a non-chemically reactive Zeta Potential colloid in it which will wash your clothes like soap or detergent, yet without the presence of either and leave no residual. Pop the ball in the washer and let it go to work To soften, whiten and deodorize; add 30 mls of Neutralizer Liquid.Pre soak or wash as mentioned above in washing clothes section. You need no other washing products when you use Miracle II Soap and the MII Laundry Ball. You can do all your laundry for about $2.50 per month – for the next 3 years. Its guaranteed for three years and after that, it’s free!

We don’t know how long it will last, maybe the rest of your life. Now that’s a bargain! It’s also a “Massage Ball and Therapeutic ball and is great in the bath. It makes for a great ‘Therapeutic’ product. The 209 rounded spokes on the Miracle II BalI can be used to massage the 8,000 nerve endings in your feet and similarly your hands and any part of the body with loving care at any time of day … works like a ‘Reflexologist’.

Roll it over the places that hurt – over your skin and scalp. The ball’s rounded spokes gently yet masterfully massage the blood vessels, nerves and pores in each square centimetre of your skin for a wondrous feeling! Put it under your pillow sleep on it. It will help give you a restfull nights sleep.

Use the ball in the bath. It will stimulate the activity of the Miracle II concentrated or moisturizing soap and Neutralizer and can even be used without these products. Great for babies and adults that are allergic to all chemicals. Again massage your feet and body with it while in the bath.

For special uses for swimming pools and rain water tanks go to General uses section.

No, this is not one of those ceramic laundry discs that doesn’t work. This is a rubber ball impregnated with Miracle II Soap and energized electronically that works and works and keeps on working, leaving your clothes and linens clean, fresh, energized and free of chemical residuals.