Magdalene’s Blessing Sacred Essential Oil


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Magdalene’s blessing is one of the most beautiful, rich, and evocative blends of essential oil that we offer. It is Glenda’s latest creation under higher guidance, as always. Magdalene is famous in the Bible for anointing Jeshua’s feet with Spikenard. But if you have ever smelled Spikenard, you might wonder where the blessing was. It typically has a very pungent odor. Glenda had wanted to make Spikenard available in some blend, but until recently she had not found a pure enough source or the right combination to create a truly beautiful essence blend. The secret is the alchemy of blending the “right” Spikenard with the right other essences. It’s inspirational value seems to lie in the inoculation against fear. As the antithesis of love, fear is at the base of all our lower states of being and health. There is a sublime quality to this beautiful fragrance that lifts us to heights where only love commands.