The Lamb And The Lion


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A wonderful gift! It was while Glenda was in her studio painting this portrait of Jesus that the Miraculous face to face conversations with Him occurred which were to became the makings of the book “Love Without End… Jesus Speaks”.This beautiful portrait of the Lamb and the Lion is special in itself. Many have had healings from it.

…It is time for the ‘Lion and the Lamb to lay down beside each other’ and the time for mankind to live together and be at Peace.

 Glenda Green: The Artist from Heaven this sensational inspirational American artist was elected as an “International Artist of the Month” by the World Art Celebrities Journal.  Ms. Green is an internationally honoured artist who specialized in the theme of Angels and Celestial Visions. She is considered as the world leading artist on the subject. Green is widely recognized as America’s first lady of Inspirational Figurative Arts. This outstanding artist is also an author, international lecturer and an academician. A most enigmatic, spiritual and mesmerizing person at many levels.

Material: Lovely satin finish archival paper.

Size: 18″ x 18″