Circle Of Life News: Oct/Nov 2011

October/November 2011 Newsletter


"You were born to make known the Presence of Love within you"
~ Jeshua

Welcome to our October/November newsletter in this issue we focus on "Love ". The Power of Love is the greatest Power in existence,the only true Power in God’s worlds. Nothing can stand in the WAY now to bring this planet and all life forms on Her back into the Full Light of God and it is God’s time!

We mentioned at the start of this year in our newsletters that this year 2011 was the year the "Power of Love" would replace the love of power and this is happening all over the world Dictatorships,corruption and skullduggery in major business and banking instituitons are coming under enormous scrutiny and being given lots of ‘attention’ and action by the masses. Greed, sexual exploitation everything that is not of God is coming to the surface to be cleansed as none of this baggage can be taken into the new Golden age.

"Love has and will have no opposites- oppression,control, fear, hate and greed are an abscense of Love" and have no place in the future times" .

The mass consciousness is awakening right on que so now we need to know how to use God’s Power as Love.By itself love can be dormant and ineffective without the Power of God (in you) behind it to create the world around us. Start to use your Power as it is time not be afraid any longer.Share what we know This time we cannot and will not be hurt like we have been in times past. The world is now waiting for the TRUTH to be revealed.

Despite what you may be reading about future events from psychics etc ,the future is actually changing by the day, the script for 2012 and beyond has not been written as yet As part of the God team on Earth we are collectively writing and rewriting the (our) script for our future in this very moment NOW. We can and will create our own future as Love or!!!

If we were to gaze into a crystal ball you would see that there are several scenarios/outcomes that may and most probably will come to pass but only God knows the whole outcome and we can and will vary our future by our thoughts and then actions or lack thereof as we are god’s team in action . Three years ago we were being told that we would most probably have a short world war. Last year Spirit revealed the likelihood of that was now downgraded to only a " slight possibility" We are making all thing NEW.

If only ALL of humanity knew their true (God) Power within, there is absolutely nothing that could not be changed or lessoned on this planet through the Power of Love, the greatest Power in the Universe and by Prayer, Meditation or Contemplation and good works.

Remember the Light within you is becoming so powerful now on the inner/etheric plane so Being the Light and Love that we are is our first job.Practise being the Love that you are each day – a simple SMILE, laugh a little, laugh a lot.Share your Joy. Your smiling Eyes and Loving Heart can affect others in so many ways more than you will ever know. Make this a part of your daily routine.

Remember the Spiritual Path was never meant to be one of sombre expression and living. All these things are good for lightening up (and LIGHTING up) our sometimes heavy hearts too. Sing and Dance some too …Jeshua Loved Life.In His time on Earth, He sang and danced "Life is Love in Action" He said.

We ask you also to go beyond ourselves and reach out to others to Teach (not Preach) what we know and there are many more than you know wanting us to do this now, the more all our futures will look brighter and we will help bring Love, Peace and Harmony back into our planet .We can do this simply one on one and then as we become more confident take out into groups and larger audiences but all depending on where we are at and our Soul contract.

Nurture yourself, take time out each day this will help you do God’s work even better – And as part of that routine some time for short prayer and meditation breaks (more preferrable now then even a long meditation) during a day. Do loosen up at night before you go to sleep. When you go to bed put the Violet flame through all your days unresolved events,(‘mistakes’ you might call them), to those that you hurt, that hurt you. They will disappear Then call on Archangel Michael to cut the chord/ties of whatever is the situation(s) needing resolving.They might just ‘fix’ themselves overnight.

Never ever give up when things may appear to go against you and there are ‘tough’ and exhausting days for us all. Be not concerned for the future you are creating it now. If you stay and Live in the Sacred Heart you will always be in the right place at the right time.

Your time is at hand. You are here to help humanity like never before now and you have much Heavenly support. All you have to is ASK.

Teachings taking on the road

If you would like us to give a talk about any of our work, our teachings, healing or what has been revealed to us and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be glad to discuss with you.

A final thought from Jeshua:

"Love is who you are and never forget it and share your Love with all you meet and come into contact with "

Till next time "Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of Life, The Breath of God and Breathe out Love"

Many blessings and please pass on as you see fit

"Our time is at hand"