Our time is at hand

                                                                           “Our time is at hand”


                                                                               Circle of Life 2019 July newsletter 


Welcome to our July  newsletter. As always we ask you to  read with discernment and what rings true with your own Heart and take that on board .We have moved into a time where truly our work will begin in earnest. We are in fact now living in two, three worlds at once – the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension (and sometimes higher) Hard to understand and believe for many of us  I guess! 


As often mentioned there is a great cleansing going on within, that I personally have never experienced to that extent before .I know many of you are feeling out of sorts too. Things are coming to the surface that we thought were past now. Whatever you do  we ask you DO NOT take it personally! and DO NOT GIVE UP  ON YOURSELF…WE ARE SHIFTING BETWEEN DIMENSIONS. TRUST ALL IS WELL!.


The dark ones know we are still vulnerable at the moment as we move onwards and upwards so they are adding their bit to upset the apple cart .We must  not give into FEAR and feelings of NON WORTH or even doubting our Path is right. They know this is the last throw of the dice so are picking on Light workers ‘big time’ with their Fear tactics and other means.  


Some Cleansing tools suggestions


*We have mentioned some while back to do a Chakra Rebalancing I have just done one .I didn’t realize I needed it. Please do so if you haven’t and cleanse your auric field as the dark ones  try their darndest to plug holes in it through Fear and other means .


*Apply Jeshua’s Sacred Christ Scent oil daily to remove any discarnate, discordant energies and Protect your Aura (You can do an exorcism with this oil). You know the Christ scent oil is one He used in His lifetime on Earth…


Then ask Archangel Michael to surround your self in an impregnable bubble of Golden light of  ADAMANTINE PARTICLES.


*Call on St  Germain (St Joseph) to help you use the Violet Flame on yourself and your surroundings several times a day. EVERYDAY !. Read up on our Circle of Life website more about the Violet Flame in our Healing section.


Knowledge of the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame is a must have in these times to Neutralize the negativity around you that seeks to weaken your connection to your Sacred Heart, your  I AM strength.


*Ask for a special St Germain Gift , call His name and ask for a great energetic cleansing to you now beyond which you have not experienced before. He will place a Violet and Silver rod of divine purification through your chakras and ask that you call for this to activate its power through you when you are not feeling Love or out of sorts .Honour this truth and to hold your flames, in open heart for 33 days.


*Have a regular Miracle II bath ..Miracle II ((all products in the range)are full of the Violet Flame and work on the emotional and mental bodies as well as the physical. You see the Violet Flame is the great NEUTRALIZER, transformer in God’s Infinite Universes…..


Apply Iodine  …yes Iodine too is full of the Violet Flame to Neutralize harmful energies ..you can apply a 2% strength on your skin


Finally call on Archangel Michael’s Protection to cut you free of any /all discordant, discarnate energy and do so REGULARLY each morning and before you go  to bed at night. 


Trust,you will come out of these new energies and changes, bombarding our selves and our planet  more powerful and more knowing Light Beings than your wildest dreams can ever imagine .You are being called into more active service NOW…


Be EVER READY as Holy Spirit has TOLD us .. .You are here to “Teach Humanity the WAY” and that time is very soon Jeshua has told us.  


                                                                                          “Love is who you are”


Jeshua’s  Love Without End Teachings. … A new beginning plus a relaunch of “Conversations with Jesus”


This is a brand new time, a new beginning for this Powerful, Love filled, and Bridging work for humanity into the new times. This was and is Jeshua’s Gift to marry up the bible’s teachings with the NOW time and much, much more and will come unto it’s own in these awesome times .He uses some beautiful references  from the Old Testament too which are totally relevant for today.


Love Without End  ….A brief intro may be needed for our new contacts and a WAY of leading you to why an urgency now in our writings …It is 17 years now since we took on Love Without End  as our ‘main job’ We were asked to give up corporate life and then consulting .All happened with a series of small Miracles and Blessings.(We could write a full chapter on the events leading up  to and after).


I was TOLD “i had agreed to  do this work before I came to  the planet“.. I heard Jeshua sing the Lord’s prayer in a voice that made the 3 tenors sound like choir boys still learning to sing.. It was absolutely awesome!


So inspired at one time i wrote to every church within Australia and New Zealand (and every Spiritualist church to boot) asking them to read and review and integrate His new Teachings within their own church curriculum. That was  very interesting exercise I can tell you  .


Later on there were times when I was going to give it all away. i thought people were losing interest and then Jeshua would ‘drop in’ and ask  us “to do another Expo, give another lecture, take all the Paintings  print more “Lamb and the Lion” postcards and get them out. He inspired us to write the weekly thoughts and the monthly newsletters from  Circle of Life.


Whenever we felt like no one was reading or listening anymore, His message was always the same to me -“One day this work would become a Manuscript for Living for the 21st century, a new Bible for the new times knowing no religious boundary”.


You know the only religion Jeshua started on the planet  was LOVE and our  books and Conversations with Jesus messages (via CD) help us to reconnect with the Sacred Heart, where  LOVE resides .


Today there are over 20,000 denominations of Christian churches on the planet, that’s right 20,000+, many declaring they are the One and you MUST go through them ! Only stay in a church of your choosing  if you feel you can have a direct relationship with God. It doesn’t matter whether you are in or outside a church building ,Jeshua didn’t expect all these ‘structures’ to happen .He got people together in houses or in open fields ..Be a missionary in your own WAY !.


Let the ‘Inspired  interpretations’ from the teachings within the bible both old and new testaments, “Love Without  End  and the Keys of Jeshua” be your foundations for finding God and living and working from your Sacred Heart ..   


Archangel Michael …part of our Love Without End work

And here we must add that the Archangel Michael work through  the Ronna Herman books we market and have done for over 20 years totally beautifully complement our Jeshua teachings..One night in meditation both Jeshua and Archangel Michael stood in front of me and said .”You know our work now do it your WAY.”Michaels’ teaching are so full of LOVE too and they both use a lot of the same language.


And so NOW is  a new beginning for this Powerful, Love filled, and Bridging work  for humanity for these awesome times. “We haven’t much time” Jeshua has said “when changes come in that many may go into Fear and Uncertainty” .People will be looking for the next step. Most will not find it in their churches only in their Hearts.  


Jeshua asked us to do a big run of the Conversations with Jesus CDs  which we have made in Australia and been able to  reduce the buying price significantly so to attract as many of you to take both the books and CDS on board  to share and teach in your own unique communication style with family, friends and local community. 


The CD  teachings make for a powerful and simple WAY to learn from and then to teach from in their own rite . They complement the understanding of  both books even some of the chapters you may not have fully understood  like “Jesus on Science“. There is an element of The Keys of Jeshua in all the CDS messages too.


      Rereleased and much needed for our times   is….Love Without End’s -Conversations with Jesus: 14 Master twin CD set …

 “A Manuscript for Living in the 21st century.”Each CD is full of Inspirational messages and Incredible Teachings from the Master of Love…(Refer attached brief).


He has given them in  the CD lectures in a WAY all can relate and the time for the Light workers to do so is NOW to  teach Humanity the WAY !     Great for listening too in the car on trips or in traffic….   Our time is at hand !!!


Do look at all our work and our incredible product range too.. Miracle II , Ocean Ormus our Sacred oils… All are Gifts from Heaven. Plenty of insights on them on our website www.circleoflife.com.au and plenty of general information re all of Circle of Life work in there too plus years of previous newsletters.


Discern what  registers in your Heart  as your Truth , and take on board anything from it you feel will assist you or we can assist you with. Our products themselves can stir things up spiritually within yourselves.. We all have much work ahead of us and need every little bit of help we can get. .


      God bless …     Till next time share as you see fit



                                                                     In the Circle of Life we are all ONE”