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Miracle II Ocean Ormus LWE winter 2013 newsletter

Circle of Life’s Miracle II, Ocean Ormus LWE Winter 2013 newsletter Welcome to our  winter edition of our Circle of Life’s product range .We focus in this issue on  Ocean Ormus and Love Without End as we  would like all our trusted Miracle II users  to give Ocean Ormus firstly a trial.When used with Miracle II […]

Circle of Life June 2013 newsletter

                                                                                                                                  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”                        Welcome to our Circle of Life’s June 2013 Newsletter  …unedited                                                                                                                                                                                        The Wayshower “I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing I will show you the way out of this cycle And I will show […]

January Circle of Life products newsletter

              January 2013 newsletter    Welcome to our Special January  Circle of Life products edition .We have decided to do a major feature on the Miracle II story for in these new times we know Miracle II will come unto its own. We feature Clayton own story in brief plus ‘our story’ how and why we […]

‘A new beginning’ January newsletter from Circle of Life

Welcome everyone to our first Circle of Life newsletter for the new times “The Dawning of Age of Aquarius’.There is much to write about at this time but we will keep it to the basics for this Christmas holiday report. A quote from Jeshua firstly about these awesome times.   ” This is the time of tremendous change  and […]

Christmas newsletter from Circle of Life


Circle of Life’s November 2012 Newsletter

   “The Awakening of Humanity ..the Wake up call is NOW”          Circle of Life’s November Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                                           Welcome to our Circle of Life November newsletter.We ask to read with discernment as with all our newsletters as to what resonates with your Heart’s Truth  We are now into the End times, not […]

Circle of Life’s October 2012 newsletter‏

‘With God everything is possible” Welcome  to our Circle of Life October newsletter.The year is going so fast, it seemed only yesterday that it was last Christmas and now it is just around the corner again proving to us at least there is no time in God’ s Infinite universe, just a Pulse of time and always […]

Miracle II & Ocean Ormus October 2012 newsletter

      Welcome to our October “Health and Wellness” and Cleaning tips newsletter. We are getting great testimonials in regards to the Healing effectiveness of both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus as we indicated in our last newsletter and in this issue we wanted to reiterate their benefits re their Alkalinity as it is […]